Our estate

The FREDESTEL Champagne House is situated in the center of Trépail, a small village in the regional nature park of the "Montagne de Reims", near Reims and Epernay.

Over the past five generations we have been working every day with rigor and determination to preserve our wine-growing heritage and the know-how inherited from our forefathers.

Our estate of 31 plots covers 3.02 hectares of land exclusively on the terroir of Trépail classified Premier Cru and is known for the quality of its Chardonnay that bring so much aroma and freshness to our champagnes and which are so perfectly assembled with our second grape, the Pinot Noir. While not grown as much on our land, the Pinot Noir is crucial to the balance of our vintages.

Today we have chosen to use sustainable cultivation, as we want to preserve the quality of our soil by working it with plows in order to maintain the natural growth of grass in our fields.

All stages of our winemaking, from pressing the grapes to aging in the cellars, are done in-house, as is the marketing.

We would be delighted to share a glass of champagne with you, whether that be alone or even as a group. Do not hesitate to let us know when you are coming by.